Beijing Exploring Machinery Plant

Create: 09 Dec 2009     Update: 09 Dec 2009
Beijing Exploring Machinery Plant has more than 40 years history in development and manufacturing geological construction exploring and rock earth engineering equipment. In 40 years, the factory has produced five series over 30 types of "京探” brand rigs and construction equipment with good quality, all above products include drill core rig, mobile drill, engineering construction rig, special associated equipments and lathes, etc. The products are not only well affirmed by the customers around China but also exported to 16 countries and regions around the world.
Now the factory possesses strong technical force, complement machining associated equipments and balanced and perfected process capacity and its yearly output capacity is 2000 units of geological construction rigs.
Our company have import & export business certification. Welcome all business contaction directly.
Contact information:
No.9, Banbidian Street,Tongzhou District,Beijing,China[101149]
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